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Frequently Asked Questions about CheckMedic for Health Care Organizations:

Why should we use CheckMedic instead of another credentialing service?

Frankly, there are no other services like CheckMedic. It’s the first solution that empowers your providers to create a verified and secure MedPass containing their credentials, verified background data, and self-reported information, and then manage and maintain it as needed. CheckMedic continually monitors their dynamic credentialed data in real-time, ensuring they’re always accurate and up to date.

I’ve never heard of CheckMedic. How can I be sure it works?

That's because CheckMedic is a brand new innovation from Verisys, the leading nationwide credentialing verification organization and the most objective source of publicly available data on health care providers. You can be sure CheckMedic works because Verisys Credentialing Services have been fully vetted and exclusively endorsed by the American Hospital Association.

Does CheckMedic meet industry standards for primary source verification?

Yes. CheckMedic meets and exceeds standards for primary source verification set by The Joint Commission. It also has been vetted and exclusively endorsed by the American Hospital Association. Verisys, the credentials verification organization (CVO) that powers CheckMedic, is fully accredited by URAC and certified by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).

Won’t we still have to verify our providers’ credentials?

No; CheckMedic takes care of the entire process. We verify and validate providers’ credentials, continuously monitor their dynamic credentialed data in real-time, handle peer references, update you of any status changes and more. If a provider shifts to another position at your organization, their credentials shift with them. Your providers simply manage and maintain their data as needed.

How can you help me with peer referencing?

With CheckMedic, you’ll never have to chase down another provider or peer reference, ever again. That’s because we’ve taken an innovative, technological approach that combines online questionnaires for each provider type, with health care specific verifiers adept at eliciting frank, honest assessments from references. That means you receive more objective, more valuable information resulting in smarter hiring decisions, delivered in days, not months.

How will CheckMedic benefit our organization?

CheckMedic eliminates the managerial burdens involved in keeping track of your providers’ credentials and background data, making it as easy as checking email. The system constantly monitors dynamic credentialed data in real-time, sends automatic status updates, alerts you of any sanctions and more, saving you and your staff time and effort.

How do I get our providers to sign up for CheckMedic?

After you register your organization with CheckMedic, we’ll send you the CheckMedic Adoption Kit — a virtual step-by-step guide to gaining 100% participation by all your providers. It includes numerous tips for encouraging your providers to create a customized MedPass with their credentials and information.

What credentials and information are on a MedPass?

Each provider’s MedPass contains the credentials and information needed by your organization for compliance or recruitment purposes, including:

  • State and business licenses
  • Board specialties and certifications
  • DEA and other registrations
  • Liability coverage
  • Office location, staff, services
  • Work history
  • Health care affiliations
  • Academic and hospital appointments
  • Insurance, practice and personal health disclosures
  • Peer reference contacts
  • Professional associations
  • Awards and commendations
  • Medical education and training

Does CheckMedic provide screening services?

Yes. CheckMedic’s background screening services identify any providers who have criminal, civil, driving or other offenses on their records. The level of background investigation varies according to provider type.

What credentials or information are constantly monitored by CheckMedic?

Once a provider’s MedPass is complete, CheckMedic continuously monitors their dynamic credentialing data – information that can change over time – and alerts you of any changes. We research such primary sources as:

  • FACIS Level 3 (Sanctions, Exclusions, Debarments and State Disciplinary Actions) 
  • Professional License 
  • OFAC+ (Using data from 56 discrete sources including the U.S. Treasury Department)
  • National Abuse Registry 
  • Sex Offender Registry 
  • DEA Registry

How long will it take my providers to complete their applications?

Many providers complete their applications in 30 minutes or less. After a provider creates an account, CheckMedic automatically pre-populates as many fields of their application as possible and lists what documents are needed for completion. They can postpone completion at any time, and then pick up later exactly where they left off. They can also appoint a “provider manager” to complete their application for them.

Can we use CheckMedic with our current IT system?

Yes. Once CheckMedic verifies a provider, their data can be imported into your organization’s existing credentialing management software system.

How do I connect with health care providers?

After logging on, use “My Connections” in the navigation dashboard to search for providers by name, specialization or location. Click INVITE next to those providers with whom you’d like to connect. Once they accept your invitation, click “View MedPass” to see their public profile, or click “Request full MedPass access” to see all their credentials, background data and self-reported information.

How can CheckMedic enhance our recruitment efforts?

Used as a recruitment tool, CheckMedic provides you with invaluable data about providers that is objective, factual, authenticated, validated and verified. By hiring providers who have already been credentialed and screened through CheckMedic, you can speed onboarding and start generating revenues in days, not months.

What does CheckMedic cost?

There is no cost for a CheckMedic account to organizations, only to providers. Their annual fee ranges from $60 to $360, depending on provider type. You have the option of pre-paying annual CheckMedic fees for all or some of your providers.

How does CheckMedic protect information from hackers?

Nothing is more important than the security of your data. That’s why we use https instead of insecure http protocols to ensure that your information cannot be forged, intercepted or diverted. For additional security, always log out of CheckMedic and close the window when you’re done with your session.


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